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The reviews are one of the most realistic and dependable ways to determine the worthiness of a product or services. At Yasabe, we give the business houses and the customers the most effective platform wherein the reviews actually uphold the expectations of the customers to the brand owners and on the other hand, the business houses get the most robust framework to improve the online reputation of the brand and consolidate the relationship with the customers.

Yasabe (or Emrius Network) is a website founded by Emre Rothzerg in Melbourne, Australia in 2018 which publishes reviews for businesses. We offer our services as the most able and effective solution to build the reputation of your business online and with us you would be getting the most comprehensive framework for improving the customer services. At Yasabe, we function as a community for the buyers to post their reviews and the service build a relationship between your brand and the customers that features transparency and trust.

To establish the standing on your brand at the apex position, the reviews posted on our website from the existing customers stands as the most realistic and relevant approach. The buyer are ought to value the statements as it comes from the users who had already availed the product and/or services and hence no matter they review it positive or negative, the reviews on our website influence the decision of the prospective buyers accordingly. Also the best part is, our website also, let you know about the hidden cost of the service providers, as there are myriad of providers that do not show the hidden cost while promoting about their brands, but at Yasabe, we show you all for your clear perceptions.

Using our services, you can display the real-time worth in your product or the diligence in your services that gets spoken by the customers that walks the extra mile to win you the reliance of the prospective buyers. Hence, as the outcome, you can not only expect for a better brand positioning through consolidation of the online reputation, but, you get drastic improvements upon the rate of conversions that eventually paves the way towards better business profitability.

Availing our services, it becomes easier for you to address the negative reviews and grievances from the flock of the unsatisfied customers and thus, you can expect for the consolidation of the relationship of your bard with the customers. Hence, improvement in the rates of customer retention stands as a guaranteed outcome.

On the part of our customers, we facilitate their searches for the best products and/or services through the reviews. The authenticity of these reviews stands out of the question and hence, you can take these reviews to be the guidance to get the best values in return for the money you put for buying a product or availing a service. Thus, our services actually serve as the platform for the development of the relationship between the business houses and its customers.

Thus, come and partner with us it you would like to explore the power of the reviews in shaping the fortune of a brand.

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Dott.ssa Daniela Nascetti

persona molto competente e disponibile l.

Autosoccorso Carrozzeria Rossanigo Massimo

3800 €di danno, la faccio riparare diret.

Dott.ssa Daniela Nascetti

Sono andata da lei molto fiduciosa, cons.

Cyber Store di De Lorentis Matteo

Esperienza positivissima.. sito bellissi.

Progest Srl Amministrazioni Immobiliari

Ottimo servizio, professionisti competen.

Centro Odontoiatrico Idea

Struttura elegante e ben arredata, caren.

Dott.ssa Baudà Valentina Psicologa Psicoterapeuta

Valentina è una professionista, non è un.

Meetness Agenzia per Single

Ho avuto oggi il mio incontro con una pe.

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